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Choosing a secure flat entrance doorset to protect your residents

With one burglary taking place every 13 seconds in the UK, home security is a necessity.  For those who live in apartment blocks or communal living enterprises there is often a sentiment that dwellings are protected from opportunist thieves due to the security that comes with having a communal entrance point.  This is not always the case as security breaches do happen therefore the security of each individual dwelling is of the utmost importance.

At JELD-WEN we are committed to improving the security of UK buildings and all our doorsets are rigorously and independently tested by multiple third-party schemes to ensure that they meet, and or exceed minimum British and European standards.  This means you can be confident that any JELD-WEN doorset installed in your building will provide robust security for your residents.

Hardware that works hard

There are many elements that make a secure doorset, and the locking system is high on the list. Our SecureFIT and SecureSET doorsets are supplied preinstalled with grade 13 fire and security hinges, multipoint locking system and security chain as standard – making it hard for an opportunist thief to gain quick entry into the dwelling.

Entrance door security - What accreditations should you look for?

When choosing an entrance doorset for a refurbishment project or a new development it is important to remember that the security offered by an entrance door is only as good as the standards it has been designed and manufactured to meet.

Here we explain some of the regulations, standards and third-party accreditations you should be looking for in an entrance doorset.

Approved Document Q

For new build applications or where buildings are undergoing a material change of use, doorsets (including garage and communal entrance doorsets) must meet Approved Document Q of the current building regulations.

Approved Document Q sets out the minimum security standards required for all entrance door sets in the UK.  In order to achieve this, doorsets must be independently tested to PAS 24 standards, or an equivalent standard as detailed in Approved Document Q.

PAS 24

PAS 24 is a test standard that measures the enhanced security of doorsets to ensure that they can resist a level of attack from a potential intruder. 

JELD-WEN’s SecureFIT and SecureSET doorsets are rigorously tested to meet PAS 24 requirements, having been independently tested by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certified body.  The methods undertaken for testing and certification also ensures that the manufacturing process of certified products results in a consistent compliancy.  Therefore, you will be safe in the knowledge that every single SecureFit or Sercureset doorset we manufacture provides the optimum security for your residents.

Third Party Accreditations – Are they important?

We believe that third party accreditations are equally as important as PAS 24 and Approved Document Q as they ensure that the design and manufacturing process of each doorset will result in a consistently secure product that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements. By working with third-party schemes, we can achieve our mission of making homes in the UK as secure and safe as possible.

Secured by Design 

For ultimate peace of mind doorset that is accredited by Secured by Design means that the security provided goes beyond the requirements of Approved Document Q and PAS 24.  

Secured by Design (SBD) is a UK police initiative that strives to increase the physical security of homes and buildings by designing out crime opportunities. Secured by Design independently tests windows, doors, and building design elements, working with manufacturers to ensure that the products they recommend are thoroughly tested to withstand an attack from an opportunist thief.

Our SecureFIT and SecureSET flat and apartment entrance doorsets are Secured by Design accredited as standard meaning that the door construction, hardware, and installation methods have been independently tested against stringent criteria to meet this standard.  

Certifire and Certisecure Dual Certification

Not only do we take our security responsibilities seriously, but we also work tirelessly to ensure that SecureSET and SecureFIT provide the very best in fire safety as well as security.  These doorset have been independently tested in Warringtonfire’s UKAS accredited laboratory and offer all stakeholders in a building, from builder through to end user the confidence that they will deliver the very best standards of protection and security.  

The Certisecure element of this dual certification scheme also supports the Secured by Design initiative so when selecting SecureFIT or SecureSET you can have confidence in the stated performance of the products you are installing.

Flexibility and security as standard

Demanding a secure apartment or flat entrance door doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design. SecureSET doorsets are available in a wide range of standard and bespoke made to measure sizes, with the flexibility to include modular top and side light units. With a choice of moulded and flush designs and colours, our range can be suited to internal doorsets to ensure a fully coordinated look throughout the scheme.