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A Guide to PAS 24 Doorsets

Understanding PAS 24

Publicly Available Specification 24, or ‘PAS 24’ is a British Standard of burglary resistance testing for Windows and Doorsets sold in the UK. It was introduced as a measure to standardise and improve the passive security performance of homes to opportunistic burglars and threats. As the building regulations for the UK continue to develop, these standards improve with them building increasingly secure living environments and providing occupants with greater peace of mind. 

To meet this standard, a doorset must possess specific protective features and endure rigorous tests simulating aggressive intruder attacks. Additionally, products undergo suitability assessments for their respective environments, including cycle testing, air permeability, and weather testing under the conditions of BS 6375. These tests are conducted at an impartial UKAS-accredited facility to ensure fairness and accuracy in the testing process.

While PAS 24 serves as a comprehensive testing standard, it represents only the initial phase in guaranteeing product safety. It’s essential to ensure not only individual product safety but also consistent safety across all products from the manufacturer, every time.

Security rated doorsets

In addition to PAS 24, manufacturers can apply to be Secure by Design or ‘SBD’ accredited – a UK Police Force-initiated scheme that introduces even stricter conditions for products such as being fully assembled and performing annual testing on their products to ensure continued conformity.

Finally, a manufacturer can also be a part of a third-party compliance scheme such as CertiSecure, BSI Kitemark or BMTRADA Q Mark. These schemes introduce assessment and monitoring of a manufacturer’s production processes and include everything from components and materials to operating procedures. Each year they must be audited to ensure that their processes are robust and consistently delivering reliable, compliant products. 

Accredited by CertiSecure and Secure by Design, JELD-WEN is committed to safety. You can be sure that our certified FD30 SecureFIT and SecureSET flat entrance doorsets will perform reliably every time. 

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