Regular maintenance of timber products is essential if you are to retain a beautiful finish and prolong their use. If you care for your doors, windows and stairs, they will last a lifetime.

The periods you leave between maintenance checks will vary depending on the product and the type of paint or stain chosen and the local environmental conditions.

External joinery

The decorative finish applied to windows, external doors and patios must be preserved while they are in service to ensure moisture does not penetrate the wood.

Please maintain your JELD-WEN products in accordance with the paint or stain manufacturer's guidelines, to prevent the finish from deteriorating and to protect the timber underneath. We recommend making an annual inspection and suggest touching up any areas of wear and tear.

External joinery should be cleaned inside and out every six months as a minimum, using a mild, non-abrasive detergent and soft cloth. When cleaning windows, check that drainage holes, channels and spaces are clear and remove any obstructions carefully with a soft brush or pipe cleaner.

In areas that are subject to severe exposure, external doorsets will benefit from being sheltered by a porch, hood or canopy, in addition to the decorative protection.

High build paints and stains can be purchased from most decorators' centres and some retailers.

Interior doors

Unlike external woodwork, your internal doors do not require any ongoing maintenance, other than the occasional repaint to brighten up the finish or change the style of your room.


Flights and landings must be kept clear and free of trip hazards for example foreign objects and loose floor coverings. Check for worn floor coverings or polished treads which could cause you to slip.

Ensure handrails are kept clean and free of obstructions to ensure you can maintain a good firm uninterrupted grip. Concerns over the fixing of hand rails should be reported to your builder or installer.

Ensure balustrades to stairs and landings are secure with particular attention to paid to any removable, ‘demountable’, sections and newel posts. Make sure fixings are seated correctly and are tight and secure. Extra care should be taken when ‘Demountable Balustrades’ are removed for the purposes of gaining access for large items of furniture or appliances and remember to replace immediately. Concerns over the fixing of balustrades should be reported to your builder or installer.

Notice to Carpet Fitters / Purchasers

It is imperative that the stair risers are not caused to come detached from the treads; the main cause of ‘squeaking’. Carpet gripper rods must not be nailed to the treads and risers; they must be screwed or glued only. Care should also be taken if using a knee-kicker carpet stretcher on stair treads. Creaking, visible cracks or excessive movement should be reported to your builder or installer.


Hinges, rivets and other moving parts must never be painted and should be kept clean and lubricated lightly with Vaseline or neutral oil.

Clean and lubricate at least once a year - more often in coastal areas and places where pollution is high.