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JELD-WEN stands as one of the UK's largest door and doorset manufacturers with decades of experience supplying products to new and refurbishing projects through our range of partners. We can help meet the demands of student accommodation projects, with our wide range of fire and security-rated doorsets. 

Exploring Student Accommodation Doorset Solutions

Our production involves the creation of interior doorsets with innovative designs, providing practical solutions and undergoing thorough testing and accreditation by impartial third parties to guarantee the utmost safety standards are achieved. Within our interior doorset offerings, you'll find a range of options including ReadyFIT Interior Doorsets, ReadyFIT Communal Doorsets, SecureFIT Flat Entrance Doorsets, and SecureSet Flat Entrance Doorsets.

Laminate Doorsets

Discover our latest innovation - JELD-WEN Laminate Doorsets. Boasting a captivating array of new colours, patterns, and woodgrain finishes, we are excited to introduce seven new standard laminate designs. In addition, we offer access to over 130 laminate finishes, perfectly suited for today's commercial projects, including residential and student accommodation properties.

Our laminate doorsets are designed specifically for residential applications and come with a range of benefits, such as:

  • Resistance to water damage
  • Enhanced durability against impacts and scratches
  • Easy upkeep without the need for harsh chemicals
  • Versatile design that seamlessly matches various interior styles
  • A fully finished product, eliminating the necessity for on-site painting or staining and ensuring convenience.

Prioritising hygiene and functionality, our laminate doorsets are a reliable choice for diverse environments.

Smart Room Entrance Doorsets

We take great pride in unveiling our latest innovation, the JELD-WEN Smart Room Entrance Doorset, tailor-made for the unique needs of student accommodation and multiple occupancy residential settings. Engineered and rigorously tested to align with the strictest UK building regulations, these doorsets seamlessly integrate with top-of-the-line security lock options from NSP, ensuring enhanced safety and peace of mind for occupants. Moreover, our Smart Room Entrance Doorsets hold third-party certification for fire safety, assuring you that they meet and exceed industry standards, further enhancing the safety and security of the student living spaces.

If you're keen on delving deeper into the realm of student accommodation and understanding how our extensive range of interior doorsets at JELD-WEN can add significant value to your residential project, we invite you to explore our articles and insights in this domain. 


Our dedicated team of UK Area Sales Managers are available to assist with all your project enquiries, whether they involve complex doorset solutions or volume specifications. We are fully equipped to handle projects across all categories of our door products and provide support to you and your clients.

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