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Enhancing Student Accommodation: The Impact of Door Colour and Choosing Wisely

Crafting an inviting and favourable setting for living and studying within university quarters is of utmost importance to students. Achieving the right blend of a cosy, homely feel and an efficient study environment is key. Surprisingly, one element that significantly impacts this balance often goes unnoticed: the choice of door colour. Although seemingly minor, the selection of door colour holds the power to significantly shape the overall atmosphere of student lodgings. Designing a space that harmonises academic pursuits with newfound independence is crucial. Let's delve into the realm of colour schemes and understand their potential to influence various spaces within your next accommodation project.

The Influence of Door Colour Selection on Student Accommodation

Communal Areas: The Heart of Student Accommodation

Incorporating lively and vibrant shades into the fixtures and furnishings of communal areas effectively mirrors the dynamic and energetic lifestyles of students, resulting in these spaces being both well-lit and inviting. When it comes to gym spaces, incorporating neon colours, whether on doorsets, walls, or artwork, proves invigorating and energising which can enhance motivation during exercise by offering the surge of energy necessary for their workouts. In cinema rooms, leveraging opposite colours on the colour wheel, such as purple and yellow, blue, and orange, or red and green, can create a high contrast effect, amplifying the representation of characters and themes in films. Creating a games room demands careful thought, and the overall mood and atmosphere play a pivotal role. Colours and emotions play a crucial role in our perception of spaces. They have a substantial impact on our emotions, making the selection of shades that resonate with the intended ambience of the room of utmost importance. Cool tones such as blue and green, for example, can foster a calm and tranquil setting, while warmer hues like red and orange can inject an energetic and lively vibe.

Within our range, a multitude of laminate doorset choices awaits, boasting over 150 options to ensure the ideal doorsets for their designated purposes. Whether your preference leans towards a vibrant Chilli Red, a refreshing Kiwi Green, or a lively Sorbet Orange, JELD-WEN can supply doorsets that perfectly suit the aesthetics and requirements of your project’s communal areas.

Dormitory and Shared Kitchen Areas in Student Accommodation

Various vital aspects, including colour palettes and furniture selection, take precedence when conceptualising student accommodation complexes. Opting for neutral tones in bedroom areas allows students to infuse their personal touch of vibrancy through furnishings, artwork, rugs, or other accessories that resonate with their unique style. The neutrality in d├ęcor not only provides a versatile backdrop but also broadens the appeal to a diverse array of potential tenants, granting them the freedom to curate their preferred colour palette.

Crown Paint recommends incorporating grey, and umber tones for student kitchens. These hues offer versatility, resilience, and a welcoming ambience, making them ideal for dynamic spaces. With a variety of laminate doors available, including white, grey, and beige options, JELD-WEN can ensure a comprehensive selection to suit your preferences and help you maintain neutral colour schemes for your student accommodation dormitory and shared kitchen areas.

Navigating Residential Properties with Ease

New residents in a new apartment complex may require some time to acquaint themselves with their environment and the layout of their new homes. Utilising colour schemes on your doorsets aids in distinguishing different blocks, providing a lively and engaging approach for tenants to associate their living spaces with unique colours. This approach fosters a sense of familiarity, enabling friends to easily say, "Let's meet at the yellow block," thereby simplifying gatherings. Additionally, assigning specific colour schemes to various amenities, such as "green for the gym" or "red for recreational spaces like the cinema room or game room," along with colour-coded directional arrows throughout the site, proves highly effective for navigation.

This approach leverages the fact that people tend to retain and recall colours and visual cues more readily than written information, enhancing navigation within the site. Featuring a wide spectrum of colours, patterns, and glazing possibilities, JELD-WEN laminate doorsets offer an optimal solution for enhancing navigation within your student accommodation complex.

With over 150 patterns, woodgrains, and colours to choose from - the possibilities are endless for your next project. JELD-WEN laminate doorsets are the perfect option for saving time and labour costs on site - provided fully finished and ready to install.