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Features To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Doorset

Commercial doorsets are an important component of any building, whether it's an office, retail space, or industrial facility. They provide security, privacy, and access control while also enhancing the building's aesthetic. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the right commercial doorset can be a daunting task. In this blog, we will discuss the features to consider when choosing commercial doorsets to ensure that you make an informed decision.


One of the primary functions of commercial doorsets is to provide security. It's essential to choose doorsets that are sturdy and durable to withstand attempted break-ins. The ideal doorset should be made from high-quality materials. 

Where a domestic level of security is required, doorsets are typically certified for PAS 24.  Certifying the security performance of a complete doorset including hardware items such as cylinders, handles and letter plates, helps to protect property and people effectively from burglary. 

For an enhanced level of security, All JELD-WEN flat entrance doorsets are supplied as standard with a high-quality multipoint lock, a lever handle and cylinder, and three grade 13 hinges. 

These doorsets are then security tested as a unit by a third party (Certisecure) to ensure the product's performance to deliver property protection for end users. The flat entrance doorsets also meet the requirements of Secured by Design, a police initiative to help combat crime.  

Compliance - Assurance through Third-Party Certification

When selecting a commercial doorset, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards is paramount. One effective way to confirm compliance is through third-party certification. Let's explore how third-party certification can provide assurance of compliance: 

JELD-WEN products are certified by two renowned schemes run by Warrington Testing and Certification Limited: Certifire and Certisecure.

Certifire is an independent third-party certification scheme that ensures the performance, quality, reliability, and traceability of passive fire products. Recognized globally, Certifire provides assurance of fire safety, meeting the standards of BS476:22. It instils confidence in regulators, specifiers, customers, and end-users, enabling informed purchasing decisions.

Certisecure, provided by Warringtonfire, offers assurance of a product's performance in property protection and public safety. Supporting the Secured by Design initiative, Certisecure ensures compliance with PAS 24 (enhanced security) and BS476:31 (smoke control). By maintaining an up-to-date scheme, Certisecure combats evolving criminal methods, providing confidence to regulators, specifiers, customers, and end-users.

JELD-WEN's third-party certifications, Certifire and Certisecure, deliver confidence in product performance and informed choices for those seeking high-quality and compliant doorsets.


When it comes to fire safety, it's crucial to choose a doorset that complies with local fire safety regulations. Look for doorsets that have been independently third-party tested and certified to provide adequate fire resistance as this provides assurance that the product performs to a set standard.

The level of fire resistance required will depend on the building's occupancy type and height, as well as local fire safety codes. In general, fire-rated doorsets are classified based on the duration for which they can withstand fire, typically 30 or 60 minutes. Each Doorset is tested and certified as one complete unit, this includes both the door leaf and hardware. This method of testing means that our customers do not need to worry about each individual component and its reliability.

Consider the door set's fire rating, along with any additional fire safety features such as smoke seals and intumescent strips, which expand when exposed to heat to provide additional insulation. 

JELD-WEN Fire doorsets are available either 30-minute fire rating (FD30) or 60-minute fire ratings (FD60)


Minimizing the force needed to open a door, especially when door closing devices are present, is of utmost importance.

According to the guidelines in Approved Document M, the force required to open a door should not exceed the following limits at the leading edge:

  • Below 30N within the range of 0 to 30 degrees.
  • Below 22.5N within the range of 30 to 60 degrees.

It is crucial to select a door closer that is both effective in ensuring consistent door closure and compliant with the specifications outlined in Approved Document M. JELD-WEN doorsets are compliant with the Approved document M 

Automatic openers and soft closers greatly improve accessibility:

automatic Openers: Effortlessly open doors, granting independent access to those with limited mobility. These devices provide a convenient solution for individuals who may struggle with manual door operation, allowing them to enter and exit a space with ease. Automatic openers can be particularly beneficial for people with disabilities or those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers. By automating the door opening process, these devices enhance accessibility and promote inclusivity within the built environment.

On the other hand, soft closers offer a controlled and gradual closing mechanism for doors. They ensure that the door closes smoothly and quietly, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries caused by abrupt door closures. Soft closers are especially advantageous in environments where safety and noise reduction are important considerations, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, or residential buildings. By providing a gentle closing action, soft closers enhance user comfort and contribute to a more user-friendly and accommodating space.

Both automatic openers and soft closers can play a significant role in creating accessible and user-friendly environments, aligning with the principles and requirements outlined in Approved Document M.

By incorporating these features, buildings become more inclusive and accommodating. Consult accessibility experts to ensure proper installation and compliance. 

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is an important consideration for commercial doorsets, especially in buildings located in high-traffic areas such as multi-occupancy housing or social housing. Look for doorsets that provide adequate sound insulation to ensure a quiet and peaceful indoor environment. Solid-core wooden doors are a great option for internal doorsets as they help to reduce noise within a room compared to doors with a hollow core.

The building regulations state that in Approved Document E: The core construction, acoustic seals and drop down seals assist this product in compliance with acoustic regulations where flat entrance doors are required to have a sound reduction index of 29dBRw. JELD-WEN flat entrance doorsets meet these requirements.


When it comes to doorsets, timber outshines steel and GRP materials in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, and durability. In this blog post, we highlight the unique qualities of timber doorsets that make them the superior choice.

Natural Beauty:
Timber doorsets exude timeless elegance with their rich textures, unique grain patterns, and warm tones. The natural beauty of timber enhances the aesthetics of any space, blending seamlessly with various architectural styles.

Environmental Sustainability:
Choosing timber doorsets supports sustainability, as timber is a renewable resource with a lower carbon footprint than steel and GRP. Opting for timber promotes responsible forest management practices and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency:
Timber doorsets offer excellent thermal insulation, surpassing steel and GRP alternatives. Their natural structure acts as a thermal barrier, ensuring energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor environment.

Durability and Longevity:
Modern timber doorsets, treated and protected against moisture, rot, and insects, are highly durable and long-lasting. They maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time, providing lasting value.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, and choosing an energy-efficient commercial doorset can help reduce your building's energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. Choose doorsets that are well-insulated and provide adequate thermal performance, for example solid core internal doorsets are great for helping to improve heat retention in a home.JELD-WEN SecureFIT™ doorsets can also help achieve energy efficiency standards on a project with U values as low as 1.8.


The aesthetics of a commercial doorset can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your building. When choosing a doorset, consider the architectural style of your building and choose a doorset that complements it. Additionally, consider any decorative features such as glass inserts, decorative panels, or custom finishes that can help enhance the doorset's appearance. JELD-WEN offer a wide range of door & hardware designs, find out more here


Choosing doorsets with guarantees offers numerous advantages:

Quality assurance: Guarantees reflect the manufacturer's confidence in their product's quality and durability.

Defect protection: Guarantees cover manufacturing defects, saving you from unexpected repair or replacement costs. JELD-WEN doorsets have a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Long-term investment: Guarantees ensure that your doorsets will last, protecting your investment and property value.

Customer satisfaction: Guarantees demonstrate a manufacturer's commitment to customer happiness and support.

Product support: Guarantees often include access to customer support and technical assistance.

Confidence in your purchase.  JELD-WEN offer 1 Year Ironmongery Guarantee Hardware comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Choose doorsets with guarantees for quality, protection, and peace of mind. JELD-WEN offer 5 Year Factory Finished Guarantee.

In conclusion, when choosing a commercial doorset, it's important to consider several key features to ensure that you make an informed decision.By carefully considering these features, you can choose the right commercial doorset that meets your security, safety, accessibility, aesthetic, and sustainability needs. Remember to consult with experts and manufacturers to make the best decision for your specific requirements.

You can learn more about JELD-WEN doorsets here.