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Safeguarding Your Home this National Home Security Month with Strong Doors and Smart Choices

Welcome to National Home Security Month, a time dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of our homes. As we open our doors to this awareness-driven event, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the critical role that doors play in fortifying our homes against potential risks. In this blog, we delve into the pivotal role interior doors play in home security, offering insights and strategies to empower you in making informed decisions to protect what matters most.

Internal Doorsets

A flat entrance interior doorset plays a pivotal role as a protective barrier, significantly enhancing the security infrastructure within multi-occupancy buildings. It stands as a crucial component for fortifying the building's overall security. Our SecureSET and SecureFIT Flat Entrance Doorsets align with the stringent Secured by Design standards. They are backed by third-party dual certification, affirming their compliance with rigorous criteria for fire safety, smoke resistance, and security performance. This certification assures you that our internal doorsets meet the stipulated building regulations.

The fundamental step towards establishing a secure environment is the careful selection of high-quality doorsets. Opting for doorsets crafted from robust materials and investing in top-grade hardware are all effective measures to heighten the security levels of your property.

Third-Party Certification

Third-party certification for doorsets offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it assures the quality of doorsets by confirming they meet specified standards, ensuring they are suitable for their intended purpose and will provide safety and security for building occupants. Additionally, it aids in complying with building regulations related to door standards, offering reassurance to building owners and operators. Moreover, it mitigates the risk of product failure, ultimately minimising potential dangers and the associated costs of addressing issues. Ultimately, third-party certification demonstrates a manufacturer's dedication to producing top-notch, compliant doorsets, highlighting their commitment to resident safety.


Certifire, an independent third-party certification scheme, plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the performance, quality, reliability, and traceability of various passive fire products and systems. It holds international recognition from regulatory authorities as a trusted mark of fire safety, covering a wide spectrum of passive fire products. Certifire's rigorous standards ensure fire performance in alignment with BS476:22. This certification not only instils confidence in regulators, specifiers, customers, and end-users regarding the product's stated performance but also empowers them to make informed decisions when purchasing or selecting the product.


Certisecure, provided by Warringtonfire, is a specialised scheme designed for manufacturers and suppliers, aimed at instilling confidence in end-users regarding a product's performance to ensure property protection and public safety. Particularly active in the UK, Certisecure aligns with the police-sponsored Secured by Design initiative and remains updated to counter evolving criminal methodologies. Certisecure ensures products adhere to the criteria of PAS24 (enhanced security) and BS476:31 (smoke control), further fortifying their reliability. The primary advantage of Certisecure lies in offering regulators, specifiers, customers, and end-users the assurance of a product's stated performance, empowering them to make informed choices when acquiring or opting for the product.

The process of third-party certification is vital for doorsets, verifying that the doorsets placed within a building adhere to specified standards and criteria. Certification offers a guarantee of quality, adherence to regulations, minimised risk, enhanced reputation, and entry into untapped markets. Acquiring third-party certification allows JELD-WEN to showcase our dedication to delivering top-notch products to our valued customers.

Laminate Doorsets

The laminate range enables a uniform design approach, particularly beneficial for extensive projects necessitating multiple doors. Moreover, the updated finishes come with fire ratings of up to 30 and 60 minutes, making them perfect for projects mandating fire performance, such as educational facilities and multi-occupancy housing. The laminate finishes are versatile, offered as either panels or with glazing, encompassing fire doorsets as well.

Laminate doorsets present a host of valuable features and benefits. One significant advantage is their remarkable water resistance, making them a reliable choice for areas prone to moisture exposure. Additionally, they boast enhanced durability, standing strong against impacts and scratches, ensuring a longer-lasting and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Maintenance is a breeze, as they can be easily cleaned without the need for chemicals, simplifying upkeep. The consistent design of laminate doorsets allows seamless integration into a diverse array of interior designs, offering versatility and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, being fully finished, they eliminate the need for on-site painting or staining, saving time and effort during installation. Lastly, their hygienic surface provides an added layer of cleanliness and safety, making them an excellent option for various settings.

Increased Security with Top-Tier Hardware

A strong and secure locking system is essential to prevent intrusions into flat entrance doorsets. Consider the installation of high-security locks, such as those resistant to picking or bumping, to discourage unauthorised access. Additionally, proper maintenance and attention to the locking mechanisms are essential for upholding the utmost level of security.

Within JELD-WEN flat entrance doorsets, various hardware options are offered, including:

  • Multi-Point Lock: Equipped with three locking points distributed strategically for heightened security and a more secure seal along the door's length, making it challenging to breach.
  • Grade 13 Hinges: These sturdy hinges have undergone extensive fire performance and security testing, enhancing their durability and ability to withstand external force.
  • Security Chain: This supplementary security feature adds an extra layer of protection, offering peace of mind to tenants and deterring unwanted visitors.
  • Spy Viewer: Allowing tenants to observe who is outside the door before opening, thus promoting a higher level of personal safety.

Security Survey

In a recent survey we conducted, we gathered feedback from social housing landlords to assess the safety and security measures in place across multi-occupancy properties in the UK. The findings showed:

The survey revealed that within the past 12 months, 59% of respondents experienced security breaches in their properties, with over a third (34%) reporting more than 20 breaches.

The primary cause of these breaches was attributed to tenant errors or incidents (e.g., leaving communal doors open), accounting for 34% of all breaches, followed by faulty entrance doors in 26% of properties.

In terms of industry concerns, merely 22% of respondents considered security a top priority for their organisation. The key challenges in ensuring high-quality security included:

  • Limited tenant understanding of security protocols (46%)
  • Cost implications (37%)
  • Procurement lacking awareness of available security products in the market (21%)

A significant number (60%) of landlords received tenant complaints regarding the security level of their property. The complaints encompassed inadequate locks or closers on main doors, security system repairs needed, unauthorised access by non-residents, and damage to entrance doors due to antisocial behaviour.

Despite these concerns and the expressed unease from tenants, only 63% of those surveyed believed that the existing security measures in their residential blocks were sufficient. Surprisingly, only 13% of organisations surveyed are contemplating the adoption of smart locks on communal doors, such as Wi-Fi-enabled or keyless entry locks, in contrast to the 54% who are not considering such upgrades.

Additionally, the survey found that nine out of 10 respondents had undergone inspections on internal fire doors within the past two years. Alarmingly, 50% of these inspections revealed flaws, including improperly fitted doors, damage to door closers, and the need for enhancements to hardware.

Fire Doors

At the core of our commitment to home safety lie our fire-resisting doors, meticulously crafted with fire cores to offer varying levels of fire protection. Our fire-resisting doors come with distinct ratings, starting with FD30 fire doors, ensuring resilience for up to 30 minutes of fire protection. For even greater defence against potential fire hazards, we present the FD60 fire doors, designed to provide up to an impressive 60 minutes of protection. These doors are available in a range of thickness options, with the flexibility to choose a 35mm door that seamlessly integrates into your residential property's existing door frames. This ensures that enhancing your home's safety with these robust doors is a seamless and practical choice. 

As we commemorate National Home Security Month, it's evident that safeguarding your property is of paramount importance. JELD-WEN, a leader in crafting premium timber interior doors and internal doorsets in the UK, proudly presents a remarkable range of dual-function, accredited internal doorsets. Our internal doorsets undergo thorough dual testing and are endorsed by experts, assuring both home security and fire safety.

Specifically, our SecureFIT and SecureSET flat entrance internal doorsets have earned certifications for 30-minute fire resistance, smoke protection, and security through the rigorous Certifire and CertiSecure certification schemes. This comprehensive certification offers social housing providers, developers, and construction experts the assurance that the safety and security of individuals, property, and assets within a building are meticulously prioritised and guaranteed. Invest in the safety and protection of your home with JELD-WEN's trusted solutions.