A flat entrance doorset is the front door to a flat or apartment that leads on to a communal or public space like a corridor within an apartment block. It’s a protective barrier between the “outside world” and the occupants possessions and family, so it is a vital component to a multiple occupancy building. With so many options in the market, it is difficult to understand what flat entrance doorset is right for your project, so we’ve broken this down for you in this guide.


The Fire Safety Act 2021 makes clear the duties of the Responsible Person for multi-occupancy resident buildings (e.g. the freeholder, RMC) and their accountability for the management and reduction of the risk of fire. This includes entrance doors to individual flats that open to communal areas. So, the highest consideration of whether the product you select is fit for purpose is required. But that’s not all you have to consider – there are also other performance factors, styles, and practicalities that all go into your purchase decision. At JELD-WEN, we have years of expertise to help guide you through this process. We can help you select flat entrance doors that are not only fit for purpose but also fit for the budgets and timescale demands you have.


One of the first things to consider is your project type. Is it a new build or a renovation project?  The type of product may affect the type of product you need.


On a new build project, you will likely have a set of plans that specify the location and size required for the entrance doorsets. Generally, in new build situations, these are standard sizes. Sometimes you might have a design specification from an architect that states what style of door should be selected. In these cases, our SecureFIT™ flat entrance doorset is a great option as it is available in a range of standard sizes and a wide selection of door styles to choose from.


If you are undertaking remedial works on a property, you could potentially be replacing older entrance doors with newer, modern options. You may find that you have what we would now call “non-standard” door sizes in place. You may also be replacing doors that currently have a top or side light in situ. Many flat entrance doorset manufacturers struggle to provide solutions for these situations. However, our SecureSET doorset is the perfect choice for these instances. Not only is the door measured and available to fit those slightly awkward spaces, but it is also available in a range of configurations with side and top light options available. The SecureSET doorset’s frame width also makes it the perfect solution for renovation projects.


Given the importance of this product, you must be able to trust that the entrance doorset you select will perform to the highest standards in a variety of ways. The door you select will have to ensure various building regulations are met and we can break this down a bit further for you:

Fire & Smoke (Building reg B)

Both SecureSET and SecureFIT™ are manufactured as fire-rated doors.  Fire ratings denote the proven time that the fire door can withstand heat and flames for example FD30 means that this fire door can perform for a minimum of 30 minutes until compromised. 

The SecureSET comes as FD30 rated, whilst the SecureFIT™ is available as either FD30 or FD60. So, where specifications or requirements state that 60-minute protection is required SecureFIT™ will be the suitable choice.

Our SecureSET and SecureFIT™ flat entrance doorsets are also certified for smoke protection. They have been fitted with a combined intumescent smoke and acoustic perimeter seal to prevent the spread of smoke. Preventing the spread of smoke, enables occupants to be able to safely exit a building in the worst-case scenario without inhaling toxic fumes.

It is also worth remembering that if you are looking for flat entrance doorsets with top or side lights, it’s important to check whether the glass is fire rated too so they do not compromise fire compartmentalisation. Fire safety glass is integral to ensuring a building’s compliance with Building Regulations. 
The SecureSET glazing options are manufactured from industry-leading Pyroguard glazing.

Whilst the minimum requirement to meet the UK building regulations is E-classification glass, JELD-WEN SecureSET goes above and beyond this offering additional levels of protection.

The top light glazing options are EW non-insulated rated as standard, which maintains the required level of protection against smoke and flame as E but, in addition, will also deliver a reduction in the amount of radiant heat transmitted to the protected side. These top lights can also be manufactured with insulated EI glazing on request. 

The side light options are manufactured with EI-insulated glazing – the highest level of protection. In the event of a fire, the foam will expand within the glass to provide additional heat protection which aids in a safer exit from a building.

Security (Building reg Q)

The security performance of an entrance doorset is also of the highest importance when selecting a product and Building regulation Q provides guidance on the measures taken to avoid any unauthorised access to dwellings within a building.

Both our flat entrance doorsets options are tested to PAS24 to comply with these building regulations and meet the requirements set by Secured by Design. Both are dual-certified under the independent BWF Certifire and Certisecure certification.

Both doorsets are manufactured with high-performing security-rated hinges, multi-point locking systems and with optional PAS 24-certified letter plates. You can trust that a JELD-WEN flat entrance doorset will provide all the required security performance to keep inhabitants safe and secure.


Whilst fire and security protection is of course of utmost importance for safety, it is also worth considering the acoustic performance of an entrance door. As they lead onto communal space, we all want to ensure we can create places of peace and quiet for the property occupiers.

Part E (Resistance to Sound) of the Building Regulations sets out the soundproofing standards for new homes and conversions. SecureSET is supplied with enhanced acoustic protection as standard, meeting the minimum requirement of 29dB Rw. A clever combination of sound-blocking seals within the frame, paired with a concealed drop-down seal at the door threshold, helps to block out any unwanted noise.

The SecureFIT™ is also available with the required soundproofing elements to pass Document E, however, this must be specified in the order and does not come as standard.


Consideration must also be given to ensure that properties are accessible to all people. As flat entrance doors are the exit and entry points in a home.

Both our flat entrance doorsets are a great choice to achieve Building Regulation Document M compliance as both SecureFIT™ and SecureSET have an optional aluminium 10mm threshold (regulation states that threshold should not exceed 15mm) The SecureSET doorset is also available in made-to-measure sizing to increase accessibility into properties which require larger sizing than standard.


Not all doorset manufacturers have third-party certification because it is not a mandatory requirement according to building regulations. We believe a better, more reliable way to gain certification is through accredited third parties. That’s why our flat entrance doorsets are all independently tested by independent third parties' labs and dual certified by Certifire and Certisecure for fire, security, and smoke. 

We are also a long-standing member of the BWF fire door alliance – a scheme that champions the importance of third-party certification. Members of the alliance share and commit to the vision that every fire door or fire doorset sold in the UK meets the required standards throughout its service life.

That’s not all, we are proud to hold PEFC certification on all our entrance doorset products, which provides traceability across our supply chain so you can rest assured that our doorsets are made from materials from well-managed forests that comply with the strictest environmental, social, and economic requirements. 

All our certification is readily available for download on our website.


So, once you know your chosen flat entrance doorset can perform as required you now have to consider the design elements of the door. You may require a certain design or finish type for the aesthetics of this doorset.

The good news is that will both SecureFIT™ and SecureSET you have access to a wide range of stylish door designs to suit a variety of tastes, including our Paint Grade Premium options that are perfect for painting any colour once on site. Both flat entrance doorsets are also available painted in a wide range of colours to save you time and money on site.

With the SecureSET top and side light configurations you also have a choice of glass options including clear, opaque, block colour and bevelled effect designs.

That’s not all – you can achieve complete attention to detail with JELD-WEN flat entrance doorsets. We also have a selection of hardware choices in different finishes available on both SecureFIT™ and SecureSET doors. Download our doorset solutions brochure for more information.


Once you’ve decided on the performance and aesthetic requirements of your flat entrance doorset – it’s time to think about the practicalities of installation.

This is where doorsets really come to be the best choice when compared to site-assembled doors. Doorsets are pre-assembled and supplied alongside your selected hardware. This is beneficial as it can enable you to save time on-site and keep your project timelines on track.

Our SecureSET doorset is also delivered modular for ease of transportation and installation. 


As discussed in this guide both our flat entrance doorsets are great choices. But depending on your project type and performance requirements one may be better suited for you. The below chart shows some of the differences to help you easily understand this:










Fire Rated Glazing



Acoustically sealed as standard




As low as 1.8*

As low as 2.0*




Made to measure sizing available



Side and top light configurations available




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