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Why choose a doorset vs door assembly

Choosing the right door for a project comes with a lot of considerations and decision-making, from the types of doors to the cost associated with each door, the colour options available, material, compliance, and certification among other things. However, another factor to consider is the option of choosing a fully assembled doorset over a door and its components to install on-site.

First, let’s come to an understanding of what we know doorsets and traditional doors to be, doorsets are a combination of a door with frames and other essential parts of a door such as hinges, latch, door closers, letter plates fully assembled from a single source and in most cases from a controlled factory while a traditional door is a door and its components arriving unassembled and can be supplied from various sources ready to be assembled on-site. 

JELD-WEN has worked within the door manufacturing industry for over 60 years, supporting customers across different market sectors in making the best and most suitable door decisions for their project needs. Here are the top 3 benefits of choosing and specifying doorsets over traditional doors: 


Installing a doorset differs greatly from installing a traditional door, especially with the time it takes to assemble a traditional door with other components, to assemble it the right way to meet the needed performance requirement. Installing a doorset can take around 30 minutes, as all required components of the doors are fully assembled in the factory and arrive on-site ready to be hung. Whereas installing a traditional door can take roughly 2 hours as all other components needed must be assembled on-site. The installation of a doorset requires less dependency on the joiner’s expertise, is more reliable, and reduces the risk of errors as all components would have been tested, certified, and ensured to be compatible with the door from a controlled factory setting. 


Beyond performance, the cost of a door is a big driver in choosing a door type. At a glance, the cost of purchasing a doorset seems higher compared to a traditional door, what most people fail to consider is the onset labour costs incurred in installing each of these doors. 

The average cost of a doorset is approx. £145 compared to a traditional door which would cost around £130 including basic components.  However, if the time and cost it would take to have the traditional door installed on-site by a joiner is factored in, the total incurred cost to install the traditional door would go up to £180 (at £25/hour for the average joiner) and considering it takes an average of 2 hours to assemble and install a traditional door. 

This cost, therefore, is significantly higher than the cost of a doorset installation, which would take 30 minutes at most to install at the same hourly rate, making a total of £157.50 and ultimately saving you £22.50 on every doorset purchased and installed. 

This not only saves you costs but also provides added peace of mind, guarantees better installation, compatible components, and ultimately prolonged performance. When reviewed from a bulk order perspective, you can save roughly £225 on 10 doorsets and £1,125 on 50 doorsets. 


Doorsets can be specified to meet various performance requirements to prevent theft, fire, noise, or intruders. With the rapid adoption of fire doors and them becoming a regulatory requirement for public and multi-occupancy buildings, assembling, and installing a fire door is best done right to mitigate against any potential risks.

Fire doors require third-party certification as a confirmation they meet the standard requirements and perform optimally, this makes it important to ensure such doors are installed appropriately with the right certified hardware and components, making it difficult to not leave any room for errors or under-performance. When assembled on-site, it needs to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and using specific fire-rated hardware-approved fire rated components. JELD-WEN recommends using pre-assembled fire doorsets, supplied from a controlled factory where the doors would have been tested with all the assembling components and certified together as a doorset to be pre-hung on-site.

All JELD-WEN fire doorsets are manufactured in the UK with third-party accreditation and have been tested to meet the requirements of Secured by Design through third-party dual certification for fire, smoke, and security performance. 

The benefits go beyond cost savings

Using JELD-WEN doorsets in your projects saves you more beyond cost but also saves your customers time and the hassle of assembling a door on-site, here are more reasons why you should choose a doorset;

1. Certified and compatible components installed solution

2. Late installation to help prevent damage from plasters, paints, or scratches.

3. No missing components on-site 

4. No room for error or excessive gaps 

5. Door always flush with the frame

6. Less dependency on joiner expertise 

7. Minimal risk 

8. Better performing doors

9. Better after-sales support from a single supplier 

10. Faster and seamless installation

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