Pre Hung Internal Doorsets

What is a pre hung doorset?

An internal pre hung doorset, also known as a pre-assembled doorset, describes when a door leaf is manufactured and delivered assembled in its door frame with hinges and some ironmongery already attached.

Compared to a door assembly or door kit, where all the different components of a door (door leaf, frame, glazing, ironmongery) are manufactured and delivered individually to be assembled on site.

Internal pre hung doorsets can be manufactured ina  range of different cores, including non fire rated and fire doorsets.

Why should I buy a pre hung doorset?

There are many benefits to purchasing a pre hung doorset including:

  • Pre hung doorsets are manufactured and delivered as one unit all together – so less hassle of storing mutliple packages on site.
  • No missing components – reduces the chance of lost items in transportation.
  • Compliant, tested and certified doorsets provides buying confidence – you can trust that a JELD-WEN pre hung doorset has been tested and certified to specific fire and security standards as one complete unit rather than individual components reducing risk and confusion.
  • No excessive gaps –because the door leaf is pre-assembled into the door frame, there are no excessive gaps which can cause drafts and in some circumstances reduce fire door compliance.
  • Ready to install  – because the unit is pre assembled it is it quicker and easier for a qualified joiner to install in one go.
  • Second fix installation phase reduces the risk of damage – because a pre hung internal doorset can be installed at second fix stage it reduces the likelihood of damage during other first fix activities, resulting in less remedial work.
  • Enhanced aesthetics with doors that are flush with the frame – Due to the nature of the manufacturing process a pre hung door leaf fits perfectly into it’s frame providing a flawless visual design.
  • One invoice from one supplier – rather than purchasing individual components from a variety of suppliers, each with their own payment terms, the admin side of purchasing pre hung doorsets is much easier

However, there are some limitations of pre hung doorsets including:

  • Product weight – as the doorset is delivered pre assembled, it is therefore heavier than individual components which may cause difficulties in transportation across site.
  • They must be installed all at one time – unlike individual components that can be assembled on any time frame, a pre hung doorset is ready to install in one go. Door handles, however, are usually delivered separately and can be installed at a time that suits.
  • Initial higher cost – whilst a pre hung doorset does generally cost more than individual components they can save time, money and hassle once on site.

JELD-WEN internal pre hung doorset

All our internal doorset range is manufactured as a pre hung doorset to help save our customer time, money and hassle on site. We have a range of non-fire, fire and security certified doorsets that can support a new build or renovation project requirements.

Our high quality internal doorsets are available with a choice of designs, finish and ironmongery options.