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Buying and Fitting Interior Doors – How much does it cost?

Buying and fitting internal doors cost guide

The cost of buying and fitting internal doors can vary widely depending on a number of factors. Here you can get an idea of how much you’ll need to budget to renew your doors, plus some top tips on how to save money. 

In this article you can find out:

● How much it costs to fit internal doors 

● What affects the cost of interior doors

● How much do doors cost to hang

● Hardware costs

Here’s a quick summary of what costs you can expect to encounter when buying doors.

Product/service           Cost
Internal door (per door) £30-£150 (Approx. additional £60-£80 for a more premium door)                           
Labour for fitting (per door) £40-£150 (on average, approx. £70 per door. Plus a bit extra for removing old door)
Door hardware (handles and hinges set) £10-£100 (many options fall within the £20-£30 price bracket)


How much are internal doors: what affects the cost?

● Internal doors can cost anywhere between £30-£150 (RRP), although you can expect to pay around £60-£80+ for a premium quality door. The price of an internal door often depends on the material and style you’d like to go for. However, there are other things to consider before making a choice, such as quality and function. 

Hollow core doors are the most budget-friendly option, starting from around £30 per door. They are lightweight and often used in residential homes.

Solid core doors offer even more durability and insulation and start from around £60 per door. Plus, you can add accessories (such as hooks to hang bags etc. on the back of your door) anywhere on the door.

Fire Doors are far-ranging in price and can cost anywhere from an average of £50-£300+

Glazed doors are excellent for allowing you to make the most of natural light. You can choose to upgrade many doors with glazing in various door styles for a 30% to 40% additional cost. 

Top money-saving tip: If you’re looking to buy multiple doors, look for doors sold in bundles. These are often sold at a cheaper rate than an individual unit. Find your nearest JELD-WEN online retailer here.


The finish you choose can influence the cost of doors, for example, pre-finished doors (doors that come factory-finished, covered in multiple coats of paint or wood stain) can be more expensive than unfinished doors that you paint or stain yourself.

Top money-saving tip: Buy unfinished doors and transform them into something special with a lick of paint. Check out our guide for how to paint internal doors like a pro. 

How much to hang an internal door?

The cost of hanging a door will depend on who you hire to do the job, and what the rate is for joiners in your area. You can expect to pay approximately £70 per door; however, this can vary as low as £40 up to £150. If you’re replacing doors and would like the joiner to remove the old ones, it may cost you slightly more per door. 

If you can, get quotes from at least two – ideally three – highly rated professionals so you can be sure you’re securing a fair price. Be upfront and honest about any quirks of your doors/door frames so your joiner can factor any additional work into the quote,  rather than running into additional costs later down the line. For example, frames that aren't square mean new doors will need to be trimmed to fit.

There are plenty of ways to find a trusted joiner through local recommendations and friends and family. Also check out,,, and to find highly-rated professionals. 

Top money-saving tip: Save some time and money by fitting new doors yourself. Hanging an interior door can require some level of expertise, making it a relatively difficult DIY project but with the right tools, guidance, and information, you are a step closer to hanging your door. Find out how to hang a door with confidence using our handy step-by-step guide.

Door hardware and accessories 

It can be easy to overlook the smaller details, but hinges, handles, locks, and latches all add to the overall cost of your internal doors. It's a good idea to factor in these costs from the start while you're budgeting for your project. 

We recommend three hinges per door for the best stability and durability. Furnish the door with a handle set of your choice, these sets can start as low as £10.  

Top money-saving tip: If you’re buying several new doors, look out for door handle bundles, which tend to be better value for money than individual sets. Or, if you’re an avid DIYer and your old handles and hinges are still in working order, you can give them a new lease of life with metal spray paint. 

Explore our doors 

Although the cost of buying and fitting internal doors can vary widely, there are lots of ways you can reduce costs and keep within a set budget. 

We have an abundance of styles and types to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out our quality, affordable solid core door range or our full range of internal doors.