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How To Avoid multi occupancy housing break ins

In this blog, we will delve into key steps to avoid security breaches by strengthening interior doorset security in multi occupancy housing. By following these measures, you can help enhance the safety of the building and maintain peace of mind

A Doorsets Role

An interior flat entrance Doorset helps to serves as a line of defence against security breaches in multi-occupancy buildings, making them a crucial component of any building's security infrastructure. To ensure maximum protection, it is essential to implement effective strategies specifically tailored to flat entrance doorsets.

A new survey we conducted collated responses from social housing landlords to investigate the level of safety and security provided across multi-occupancy properties in the UK - including apartment blocks and communal living spaces - and to highlight the challenges facing the sector. You can find out more about the survey's findings here.

Choose High-Quality Doorsets

Selecting high-quality the foundation of a secure environment. Opt for flat entrance doorsets made from durable materials. These materials provide strength and resilience against forced entry attempts. One way to be assured that you are choosing a high-quality doorset would be to choose doorsets which are Third-Party certified and constructed from durable materials.  

JELD-WEN SecureSET doorsets are constructed using a robust timber composite. This composite material has been manufactured to be extremely durable which in turn helps to provide your customers with peace of mind knowing they are safe within their homes. This claim can be verified with our third-party certificates.


Third-party certification offers assurance that the flat entrance doorsets installed in a building meet the necessary standards and specifications to a high level. This guarantees that the doorsets are suitable for their intended purpose and will function as intended, providing occupants with quality assurance and peace of mind. 

Building regulations mandate specific standards for flat entrance doorsets to ensure safety and security. Third-party certification serves as evidence of compliance with these regulations, providing building owners and operators with peace of mind that their doors meet the required standards. 

Third-party certification plays a crucial role in mitigating the risk of product failure, which can have severe consequences in terms of resident safety. By ensuring that the doorsets meet the required standards and specifications, certification helps minimize the risk of product failure and associated costs related to resolving any issues. 

Learn more of the benefits third-party certification with our blog here 

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Assess Vulnerabilities

Regularly assess flat entrance doorsets to identify potential vulnerabilities. For example check for signs of wear and tear, damaged frames, or compromised locking mechanisms. Pay attention to any gaps or misalignments that could allow unauthorised access. Conducting these assessments enables you to proactively address weaknesses and reinforce the security of your flat entrance doorsets. 

High performance hardware

The strength of the locking mechanism is paramount in preventing flat entrance doorset breaches. Consider installing high-security locks, such as pick-resistant or bump-proof locks, to deter unauthorised entry. Additionally, maintain and take care of the locking mechanisms to maintain the highest level of security.  

JELD-WEN flat entrance doorsets include the following hardware options: 

  • Multipoint Lock: A multi-point lock has 3 points and locks in separate places to ensure the highest level of security and provides a tighter seal along the length of the door making it harder to break in  
  • Grade 13 hinges This robust hinge has been extensively tested in both fire performance and security helping it more durable and able to withstand force.  
  • Security Chain This additional security feature provides another layer of security to promote peace of mind for tenants, helping to prevent unwanted visitors.  
  • Spy Viewer This allows a tenant to see who is on the other side of a door before opening, this then helps to promote a higher level of personal safety 

 JELD-WEN doorsets are available with multipoint locking systems, view the range here

Install Security Cameras

Strategically placed security cameras near communal areas act as a deterrent and provide valuable evidence in case of a breach. Install cameras to cover entry points and ensure they have clear visibility. Consider integrating them with a centralized monitoring system for real-time surveillance. Regularly maintain and test cameras to ensure optimal performance.

Train and Educate Occupants

Educate occupants, employees, or residents on proper flat entrance doorset security practices. Emphasise the importance of not propping communal doors open or holding them for strangers. Teach them to identify suspicious individuals or activities and encourage reporting to the appropriate authorities. Regularly remind occupants about security protocols and provide ongoing training to foster a security-conscious environment.


Doorsets play a critical role in maintaining the security of any building. By selecting high-quality doorsets, conducting regular assessments, reinforcing locking mechanisms and frames, implementing access control systems, installing security cameras, and educating occupants, you can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches. Prioritise doorset security as part of your overall security strategy to create a safe and protected environment for everyone within your premises.

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