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A Beginners guide to fire doors

A beginners guide to fire doors: commonly asked questions

Internal Fire Doors

Have you ever thought about adding fire doors to your home?

We answer some of the common questions asked about internal fire doors and the benefits of adding them to your home.

What is a fire door?

A fire door manufactured, and when fitted properly with the correct ironmongery and fittings by an experienced joiner – will withstand flames and smoke for a specific period. A fire door is one of the most important elements when it comes to passive fire protection, containing the spread of fire and smoke allowing time for occupants of a building to be safely rescued or evacuated.

How are fire doors different to standard doors?

Fire doors are manufactured to withstand the spread of fire for a given period of time, normally a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows time for inhabitants of a building to escape. Fire doors may be of solid construction or made with a special core, often flax board or a wood composite material that is slow to burn. They are also made with special seals, fitted into either the door or frame, which seal the door on impact with heat, to stop the spread of fire and/or smoke around the edges of the door.

Do I need fire doors in my home?

If you are undertaking a large extension, renovation or conversion your architect will specify internal fire doors if they are required for your project. However, fire doors are essential in the following circumstances:

  • If you have a door leading from a garage to the main house in a two-storey building.
  • If you are building or renovating a home with three or more storeys (including loft conversions).
  • If you have a loft conversion all doors within your home must be fire doors. Building regulations state that you need to create a safe corridor from the loft to the external door, ensuring that if there is a fire anywhere in the house those in the loft conversion can make a safe exit.

It’s always best to consult with your architect or building control if you are unsure.

None of the above requirements apply to me - do I need to replace all the doors in my home with fire doors?

No. If you don't already have internal fire doors in your home, standard doors are fine.

However, adding fire doors to your home can be a great addition. The additional safety measures can keep you and your family safe in emergency situations.

Can fire doors have glass panels?

Yes, JELD-WEN’s fire doors have various glazing options. We use fire resisting glass that can withstand exposure to heat exposure for a specified amount of time. This gives you the benefit of maximum light transmission without compromising on safety.

How are fire doors tested?

It is a legal requirement in the UK for all fire door manufactures to provide that their doors preform as claimed. All JELD-WEN products are assessed and accredited by BWF-Certifire Scheme.


Do I need to replace the whole door frame to add fire doors to my home?

No, JELD-WEN are the only UK supplier of a 35mm fire door which fit most standard door frames. And all our doors are assessed and accredited by the BWF-Certifire Scheme. With a range of stylish designs and finishes these doors are both striking and safe.

How do I fit a fire door?

The correct fitting of an internal fire door is crucial to its performance. Therefore, we recommend using an experienced joiner or installer with the correct training. They will ensure all the correct seals and ironmongery are in place.

Find more information on how to fit a fire door here.


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