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Care homes and the use of colour for aiding elderly people

The often-underestimated role of colour takes centre stage within care homes. As spaces designed to nurture and support the well-being of elderly residents, the thoughtful selection and application of colours can wield a transformative influence. Beyond mere aesthetics, the strategic use of colour has the potential to enhance mood, cognitive function, and overall sensory experiences for the elderly. 

The Significance of Colour in Care Homes

Research indicates that colours possess psychological power, influencing our mood and triggering various responses in our bodies, such as revitalisation and healing. Therefore, when deciding on colour schemes for care homes, the selection should be a result of careful planning rather than personal preference. This deliberate approach is crucial as it can have a substantial impact on patients' well-being.

Viewing each colour as an emotional cue, the excessive blending of diverse colours can result in confusion and discomfort. It is recommended to stick to a uniform colour palette for each room, choosing shades that blend well together and elicit the intended emotions in patients. For example, in a residential environment, creating a light and refreshing ambience suggests the use of a softer colour palette, like blues and creams, to foster a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Diverse tones can be thoughtfully applied to accentuate areas, such as doors.

Dulux recommends the strategic use of colour to define zones and highlight specific areas. To deter or restrict access in certain zones, it's advised to minimise the contrast between walls and doors. According to Third Sector Protect, colour not only contributes to creating a specific atmosphere but also plays a crucial role in facilitating navigation and enhancing accessibility in care homes.

Using coloured doors becomes a practical and comforting navigation tool. Each colour corresponds to a specific area, helping residents easily identify and locate important spaces like communal areas or dining rooms. This simple yet effective system provides a clear visual guide for those with memory challenges, contributing to a more supportive and reassuring environment for elderly patients in care.

The Advantages of Laminate Doorsets in Care Homes

Featuring an extensive selection of up to 50 laminate finishes, JELD-WEN's laminate doorset collection offers a comprehensive solution for care home design requirements. By incorporating this diverse range of colours into the doors throughout the facility, a personalised system of wayfinding can be established. This thoughtful integration of the laminate doorset collection not only addresses practical navigation needs but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the care home environment, fostering a positive and dignified atmosphere for its elderly residents.

Several key benefits of JELD-WEN laminate doorsets:

  • The water-resistant properties of the laminate ensure a prolonged lifespan, safeguarding against potential moisture-related damage.
  • In care settings, where high traffic and occasional impacts are inevitable, the enhanced durability with resistance to scratches proves particularly valuable.
  • The doorsets also contribute to maintaining hygiene standards through easy cleaning without the need for additional chemicals.
  • The consistent design of the laminate door allows seamless adaptation to various interior designs, fostering a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.
  • The fully finished nature of the laminate eliminates the requirement for on-site painting or staining, streamlining the installation process, and minimising disruptions.

This collection offers care homes a practical and hygienic surface solution, addressing key considerations for both functionality and design.

How JELD-WEN Can Assist Your Project

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