Sustainability on your doorstep

Sustainability on your doorstep

Long lasting, excellent value and manufactured in the UK. Timber patio doors are a more sustainable choice for your home.

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There are so many benefits of timber patio doors, from the beautiful aesthetic they bring to your home to their environmental credentials.  So you can reduce your impact on the planet without having to compromise on the secuirty, thermal and acoustic performance you’d expect from your new patio doors.

All our patio doors are crafted from responsibly sourced, FSC certified timber and come with guarantees of up to 40 years, you get peace of mind and value for money rolled into one.

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5 reasons to choose timber patio doors

  • They give your home a natural beauty (and can be easily restained or repainted)
  • They can be naturally more energy efficient than aluminium or uPVC
  • Timber’s organic qualities make repairs far easier than aluminium or uPVC, lessening the chance of a whole-patio door replacement
  • Get a patio door with an extremely long lifespan – up to twice that of uPVC and aluminium
  • Better for the environment than the alternatives.

The benefits of responsibly sourced patio doors

  • Timber patio doors are by far the most environmentally-friendly choice for your home
  • The timber frames are made from ethically sourced wood 
  • Timber has a significantly lower carbon footprint in manufacturing than aluminium and uPVC 
  • You can easily recycle timber patio doors, unlike uPVC
  • We recycle our waste from the manufacturing process
  • We make our products in our Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire site, which helps minimise fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


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