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The Queens Head

JELD-WEN was chosen as the number one external joinery supplier for the Queen’s Head renovation project in Hempnall, Norfolk, supplying various windows and patio doorsets for the property. 

The property although not a listed building was situated in a local conservation area and so the homeowner was looking for windows that fitted specific requirements and complemented other properties in the area. The homeowner had previously specified JELD-WEN products for other projects and looked to JELD-WEN to supply the windows and patio doorsets for the property.

“Since the renovation has been completed we have received many compliments about the windows and particularly the monkey tail handles”

Paul Ellis | Homeowner

JELD-WEN’s Elegance conservation casement window fitted the requirements for the property perfectly and over twenty made to measure windows in conservation green and with special monkey tail handles were supplied. JELD-WEN also supplied timber Farndale French patio doorsets and single doorsets in conservation green to match the windows.

The renovation project was extremely challenging due its age and general condition and resulted in some sections of the building needing to be completely demolished and others rebuilt. This also threw up various issues when it came to installing the windows; the old window lintels were supporting sections of the walls, the back wall of the property was bowed, and the walls were not straight due to settlement.

JELD-WEN worked closely with the homeowner to overcome any issues and ensure the window and doorset installation went as smoothly as possible.

Paul Ellis, Homeowner commented, ‘We are extremely pleased with the Elegance windows and Farndale doorsets supplied by JELD-WEN. Since the renovation has been completed we have received many compliments about the windows and particularly the monkey tail handles which have added to the overall finish.

During the project the JELD-WEN team worked hard to overcome the difficult challenges that the old property presented, and I cannot fault the service they gave to us. I will definitely consider JELD-WEN products for projects in the future.


Before Renovation

After Renovation


Fact sheet

Project: The Queen's Head
Client:  Homeowner - Paul Ellis
Location:  Hempnall, Norfolk
Contractor:  J Ireson Builders, Swainsthorpe
Architect:  David Futter Associates, Norwich
  • Elegance windows
  • Farndale French patio doorsets
  • Farndale single doorsets