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How to improve your home's security?

Anti-social and criminal behaviour is a major concern for homeowners across the country. The national police initiative - Secured by Design - is designed to improve the environment people live in and set safety standards.

This accreditation provides a recognised standard for all secuirty products that can deter and reduce crime. In ensures that manufacturers use the latest technology to design out crime.

Secured by Design products have been proven to show significant reductions in crime:

  • Up to 87% burglary reduction in new homes

  •  Up to 61% burglary reduction in major refurbishment schemes

So how can I improve my home's security?

There are many ways to improve your home security. If you currently don't have a Secured by Design accredited exterior door, window or patio we strongly advise in investing in one.


Exterior Doors

Our Insulux Composite Doorset is our most secure exterior door. It is built to withstand force as it is constructed from internal aluminium interlayers to provide added stability and security. It is also supplied with high quality ERA hardware including multi locking system with thumb-turn operation. It is manufactured to Secured by Design standards so you can be sure that your new exterior door will protect your property and family inside.

Many of other of our exterior doors can be manufactured to Secured by Design standards as an optional extra for additional security and peace of mind.

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Another area thieves can target on your home exterior is your windows. If you have old, poorly fitting and unsecure windows these are can be easily compromised. Investing in a new, modern set of windows could be a great way to improve your home secuirty. With advanced multipoint locking systems, JELD-WEN timber windows are designed to make it difficult for someone to enter through your windows. Our glazing is tested to the highest standards to ensure that it is not easily broken. Secured by Design accreditation is available upon requirement across our window range.

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Patio Doors

Patio Doors can be a beautiful addition to a home letting light fill a room and allowing easy access to your outside space, but for many people it is an area of concern in terms of home security. Our JELD-WEN Patios are made some beautiful, engineered timber for added strength and stability. We fit our Patio Doors with the very best multi-point systems as standard on our complete doorsets and our glazing panels - like our windows products - are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand force.

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