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Unlocking Productivity: The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Functional Home Office Doors

There are more people working from home than ever! In September 2022, around 1 in 5 (22%) of the GB workforce had worked at least one day from home in the previous week and around 1 in 8 (13%) worked from home exclusively.

Crafting a home office that strikes a balance between comfort and productivity is crucial for remote workers. A key element in achieving this ideal workspace is the installation of the right internal door. Various internal door options contribute to creating an optimal home office environment. This blog is dedicated to guiding you in discovering the perfect door for your home office space.

Enhance Your Home Office: Optimal Soundproofing with Solid Core Doors

When outfitting your home office, prioritising soundproofing is essential. Solid core doors prove to be an excellent choice for creating a quiet and focused workspace. Our solid core doors, featuring a dense, engineered timber-packed core, elevate sound insulation, effectively keeping unwanted noise at bay. This innovative design absorbs sound waves, minimising sound transmission between rooms.

Our moulded doors, now available with a solid core, provide an ideal solution for your home office needs. With five popular designs to choose from, upgrading to a solid core door not only improves soundproofing but seamlessly integrates with your existing door styles, elevating both function and aesthetics.

When you choose a solid core, it helps give everything from better insulation and soundproofing to enhanced quality and durability. All with the same great aesthetic, and great value you expect from JELD-WEN.

Double doors

One of the most popular reasons for working from home is to look after your children. Paired doors can offer all the same benefits of a room divider by giving you option of turning two rooms into one, which is great if you want to keep one eye on the kids while you work, You can also then close the doors to create a professional private office space.

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