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Double Doors

Having adaptable living spaces can pay dividends, particularly when it comes to finding the right balance of light, ventilation and privacy.

Paired doors can offer all the same benefits of a room divider by giving you option of turning two rooms into one, which is great if you want to keep one eye on the kids while you cook dinner, or open up the space when entertaining.

Open up new opportunities

Do you look around your home, and think that it could do with a new lease of life? Or perhaps you're building a new home, and wondering about the best way to make use of the available space?

In either case, paired internal doors are a fantastic way to create an open plan and versatile living space to fit a new or existing opening. A pair of doors allow you to open the space between rooms in your home design, while adding an elegant flourish as well. Above all, interior paired doors make a beautiful statement, lifting your home interior to a new level.

Not only that, but paired doors even create the impression of a larger space as well with the additional light they allow to flood through a room.

To get the look you can buy any two single interior doors and hang them together as a pair to create a room divider to fit homes of all types, styles and ages.

Finishing touches

If you want to add that extra finish to your paired doors you can choose a Pair Maker which is available in either an oak or primed finish to match your doors. This is a decorative ‘T’ piece that is fitted to the internal edge of one door to cover the gap between doors once closed together.