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The Perfect Pair

Double, or paired, doors are often seen as strictly for exterior use – leading into a garden or patio space – but they can also be the perfect solution for interior use too. Offering similar benefits to folding sliding room dividers, pairs can be just as affective when it comes to opening up your home.

Here, Chris Miller, Doors Product Manager at JELD-WEN, provides some advice on the benefits and practicalities of choosing interior paired doors.

Open House

There are many benefits to complete, open plan living but it isn’t for everyone and there are some drawbacks – especially if you like to have a cosy, quiet space to relax, without being able to hear the rest of your household such as the washing machine whirring away, or if you want to keep warmth in your room more effectively during the colder months.

JELD-WEN Internal French Doors

Opting for paired doors between key ground floor areas in your home – such as between the hall and living room, or kitchen and dining room – can create a sense of additional space when you want, all whilst having the flexibility to create privacy and close off the space at any time for the best of both worlds.

You could even experiment with paired doors leading from a master bedroom space into dressing room to create a luxurious finish. Then simply divide the spaces up again by shutting both or just one door when appropriate – allowing your home to adapt and work around your changing needs and lifestyle.

Lighten Up

Depending on which way your house faces, sunlight entering the rooms from outside will vary at differing times each day and throughout the seasons. You can maximise this natural brightness coming in through the clever use of glazed panels, which will allow light to flood through from room to room. Glazed paired doors are ideal and will bring the sunlight into even in the smallest of rooms, such as the hallway or a small kitchen.

JELD-WEN Primed Shaker Doors

There are many options available when it comes to glazing, so think about choosing this option from our moulded glazed doors, white oak and primed doors with pair maker systems. For a minimalist look, why not choose a design where the glass covers almost the entire surface to maximise flow of light. If you would prefer the flexibility of open plan, but still want to create a sense of privacy there are also etched options available to suit every interior taste.

Character Building

When it comes to choosing paired doors that complement your property – whether ultra-modern, classic or somewhere in between – there are many solutions available in both a white oak and primed finish. The primed finish options can be decorated too once in situe, so if you have your heart set on a particular grey, or period tones such as sage green and cornflower blue, world is your oyster.

JELD-WEN Shaker Doors

You can also customise your selection further with hardware and our pair makers, which sit flush between the doors to ensure a neat overall look and keep any draughts at bay. All our pair doors are available as a single door option, so you can ensure complete co-ordination throughout the home. To find out about more about our paired doors collection and see which combination would be perfect for your home, click here.