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5 Reasons to Upgrade To Triple Glazed Windows

With the cost of energy prices constantly on the rise, it’s no surprise that upgrading to triple glazed windows can help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Whether it’s heat generated from indoors or heat produced by the sun, the additional pane of triple glazing helps preserve that warmth. How so? Well, it helps by stopping the heat from escaping as easily as it does through a single or a double glazed window. In homes, energy efficiency is measured in what’s called a “U-Value” and the lower the value, the better.

For instance, our JELD-WEN Stormsure Energy+ window has a whole product U-Value of 0.8 w/m2K. If you were to compare this with a standard double glazed window, the U-Value would be around 1.2 w/m2K. Therefore, our Stormsure Energy+ windows will prevent heat loss from your home and stop draughts coming in from the outside. You’ll be pleased to know that this means you won’t need to keep cranking up the thermostat to keep your home warm, reducing your bills.

2. Reduces Noise Transmission

By simply adding an additional pane of glass, triple glazed windows also reduce the noise transmission from the outside world, into your home. Nothing interrupts a cosy night in more than noise from the street outside.

Noise reduction is measured by a STC rating, which is measured in Decibles (db). This rate indicates how much sound transmission is reduced, with the help of triple glazing. The higher the rating, the better the reduction in sound transmission. For example, our Stormsure Energy+ has a STC rating of 40db, compared to 37db for a double glazed window and 26-28db for a standard single glazed window. To put that into context, the sound reduction will increase by around 50% if you switched from a single glazed window to a triple glazed one. So, by adding triple glazed windows, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your home. No more road works interrupting your work Zoom calls – just remember to close your vents!

3. Improved Security Benefits

Anything that will deter a burglar is a bonus, right? All our timber windows are made with laminated glass which would crack but not shatter away, meaning a burglar couldn't simply shatter your window. With high quality locking mechanisms, our Stormsure Energy+ windows are the perfect choice for those wanting to gain additional peace of mind. What’s more, our windows are also available with an optional Secured by Design accreditation, making them even more secure.

4. Choice of Colours

When investing in new triple glazed windows, you want to make sure they fit the aesthetic of your home. Thankfully, our JELD-WEN Stormsure Enegry+ windows can do just that. Manufactured in any RAL colour, both inside and out, the choice really is yours. For instance, you might go for a trendy grey on the outside and neutral white on the inside – it’s up to you! You can achieve a different aesthetic for the interior and exterior of your property, as you see fit.

It’s not only colour where you have the choice, our windows also come in a range of bar designs and opening styles. This means you can have ultra-modern triple glazed windows that are still in keeping with a more traditional look and feel if you prefer.

5. Made from Natural Materials

Not only do triple glazed windows help reduce your carbon footprint, but when you buy from JELD-WEN, you’re also choosing natural materials. As our window frames are made from timber, they provide a more renewable, sustainable option for your home. Timber is regarded as the better choice of material to offset carbon compared to other materials. Our timber windows are also manufactured in the UK by local quality craftsmen and women.

We are fully accredited by the FSC and PEFC, which certifies that our timber is sourced from responsible forestries. So, you can rest assured that your new triple glazed timber windows have been sourced in a highly ethical and sustainable way. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option when upgrading your windows, look no further than JELD-WEN.


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