Space Saving Doors

When space is limited, or you have a small cupboard door to update, there are solutions available to fit perfectly into even the most awkward of spaces.

Small yet perfectly formed

Slim versions of popular interior door designs such as the Oregon Cottage or the Newbridge moulded door design, can be individually hung for very small frame openings. Our cupboard doors are available in a choice of 457mm or 533mm widths to fit the tightest of spaces.

Designs are available to match standard interior door ranges, enabling you to achieve a cohesive finish, even in rooms where you have odd shaped areas, such as loft conversions.


Just remember if you’re choosing a door design that has panel detailing, there’s a chance that the amount of panels may reduce slightly, as you might expect, due to smaller door width. But rest assured the overall look will match beautifully with the larger doors.

Why not consider hanging two cupboard doors together to create a small pair, or if height is the issue, you can also source undersized interior doors designed specifically for tight spaces.

Bi-fold doors

With their smart concertina folding action, bi-fold doors are great for smaller spaces where a normal door opening is too wide.

Requiring only half the floor area of a standard door when it opens, their concertina action is useful for numerous applications, including the division of small rooms such as en-suites or using on cupboards or pantries.


Bi-fold doors are manufactured undersized to fit straight into standard door openings, so they are the perfect choice for a simple refurbishment project.

Choose from oak and moulded door designs to match perfectly with your other interior doors.

View our cupboard and bi-fold door ranges.

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