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How to keep your home warm this winter

As winter draws in and the days and night get darker and colder, we all tend to want to stay indoors and keep cosy. But turning the central heating up can be costly if the cold spell drags on - not to mention increases your carbon footprint too.  We look at some top tips to keep your house warm this winter without racking up the energy bill.

Close your curtains

If it’s a nice day get your curtains open to let the sun naturally heat your home but as soon as it starts to get dark, make sure you close your curtains. Your curtains act as another layer of insulation and keep the warmth within your room. Plus, it adds to that cosy winter’s night feeling.

Add a rug to the floor

Not just a soft furnishing for aesthetic purposes, your rug can also help you stay warm at winter. Especially on wooden floors, which whilst looking great can leave you with cold toes. Adding a rug will keep heat from escaping through your floor.

Keep the heat in with new triple glazed windows

If your windows are very drafty and you can feel the chill spreading into your house it may be time to replace them. Triple glazing options, such as our Stormsure Enegry + Windows, will increase your energy efficiency performance meaning less heat will escape and less cold will enter the property. Win Win! Our highest energy rated window (A+) will also provide better noise reduction from the outside too.

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Close doors to unused rooms

If you aren’t using a room such as the spare bedroom, make sure you are keeping your internal doors shut. This will again keep the warmth in the rooms you use most reducing heat lose. This is especially important if you have fire doors in your property as it is essential to keep them shut to ensure they work effectively at preventing the spread of fire.

Invest in a new composite exterior door

Another investment worth making to improve the thermal performance of your home is a new exterior door. Composite doors, such as our Insulux range, have the wonderful aesthetics of a timber door but are manufactured with an insulated foam core for superior thermal performance. Combined with doble glazing elements they can still let light into your home without letting heat escape.


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