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Interior Door Style Guide

Interior design ideas to transform your home. Five expert tips to turn a bland, tired room into something truly impressive.

Renovating or redecorating a room can drastically improve your quality of life and the value of your home. With so many choices available, it’s sometimes difficult knowing where to start. To help inspire you, we’ve collected our expert’s top interior design trends. Which is your favourite?

1: Adopt a tactile industrial look

Inspired by the redevelopment of industrial areas and a desire for authenticity, more and more homeowners are choosing to create more industrial looking rooms in their homes. This trend incorporates light and dark tones with rich grains and copper colours and champions unique features like exposed brick, metal details, exposed lighting and lots of reclaimed wood. It’s an up-cycler’s dream.

Many of the doors in the Curated by JELD-WEN collection would perfectly suit an industrial look - we’d recommend the Slim-line or the Grange ranges to complete an industrial look. 

2: Be brave and embrace darker colours

The relaxed minimal aesthetic isn’t for everyone. More and more homeowners are choosing to let their personality shine through by going against the light trend and opting for moody, dark-coloured rooms. Paired with soft lighting, this trend creates cosy, inviting spaces. Many pair the look with Art Deco style furnishing.

The MODA door range is perfect for those wanting create a bold and elegant look with dark colours. It comes primed white which means it is ready to be painted to match whatever colour you choose. The Glazed version is a great option to ensure light can still fill the room and really lift the darker colours.

Alternatively the Contour range with it's 3D textured skin design can add a true modern/futuristic touch.Whilst it comes fully finsihed in white you could always add your own unqiue flair and paint it a dramtic, dark colour.


3: Relax in Scandinavian style

Maybe it’s the pace of Scandinavian life, or the overwhelming impact of IKEA on UK homes, but the Scandi trend continues to flourish with its humble and organised approach to design. Perfect for cosy homes that need to maximise space, this style is all about creating light, bright rooms with splashes of wood detail and accent colours.

While doors from the Moda and Slim-Line ranges would work perfectly to create your little slice of Scandinavia in your home, we would recommend introducing doors such as the Infinity sliding glass range for its minimal yet striking design, and not forgetting its space-saving functionality.

4: Combine tradition and modernity with an on-trend country theme

Perhaps your style reflects a laid-back country style. Whether you’re in the city or the country, a country theme is growing in popularity as homeowners seek to capture the cosy feel of rural life and spruce it up with modern touches. Rich oak tones, matt painted wood and plenty of blankets, throws and textiles dominate this look.

To create a home that could be found in the glossy pages of a lifestyle magazine, we recommend our Grange sliding barn doors. 

5: Grey is here to stay

Of course you have heard and seen a lot about grey colour schemes in the past few years and it is set to continue. It's cool, neutral connect technology and modernality for elegant spaces in the home. WIth varying degrees of the shade you can create cool, calming spaces just as easily and warm, dramatic zones.

You can add just a touch of the cool grey with our Grey Slim-Line Doors to create small pops of this on trend colour. Or offset an entire grey colour scheme with the crisp primed white Deco doors for contrast and elegance all in one.

Did you find your preferred style?

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