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Doors for Bathrooms : A Buying Guide

When it comes to designing your bathroom your first thoughts are frequently about which tiles and what type of sink you should use. But bathroom doors can sometimes be forgotten about and cast aside. In this blog, we will be explaining the huge impact an internal door can have on the aesthetic and functionality of a bathroom.

Create a bold look

The first step in choosing your bathroom doors should be deciding on what theme/aesthetic you would like to achieve. For a bold modern look, our Infinity glass sliding door is an excellent choice. This design is perfect for en-suite bathrooms with its frosted glass providing you with all the required privacy, without compromising on a modern, stand-out aesthetic. With a choice of two stylish track options, you can create a customised addition for a sophisticated and classy bathroom.

Maximise space

Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the home. And therefore a traditional hinged bathroom door might not always be the best option as they require more floor space to open.

A better option for a bathroom door could be a bi-fold or sliding door.

All JELD-WEN bi-fold internal doors combine a smooth sliding action with sturdy and reliable hinges, making opening and closing our doors effortless. If you are looking for a space-saving solution then these doors are the right solution for you. A perfect example of this would be our Oregon Cottage bi-fold door.

Create a space of tranquillity

For many people, there is nothing better than having a long soak in the bath for some peace and quiet. To help create a quieter space, you should consider adding a solid core door to your bathroom. As solid core doors have fewer air pockets, sound can not travel through them as easily. The Newark Cottage door is available with a solid core and its trendy cottage design means you don't have to compromise on style either.

Let the light in

Small bathrooms can be made to feel bigger by increasing the amount of light that enters the room. A great way to help achieve this is by adding a glass door to your bathroom. Etched glass panels ensure privacy is maintained, whilst allowing light to pass through which will make the bathroom feel much more spacious!

We recommend the Bostonian 2 light etch bi-fold as the perfect way to make a bathroom feel bigger, with its space-saving bi-fold mechanism, as well as it's two glazed panels. The popular Bostonian range of doors is already in many homes, so a simple addition of this door can make a huge difference whilst complimenting existing doors.