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Patio Door Style Guide

Patio Doors

Patio doors are ideal for homeowners who want to make the most of their garden or outdoor space all year long - whilst the sunny days and balmy nights might evoke fond memories of Mediterranean holidays.

“Folding sliding patio doors are rapidly growing and are often viewed as a must-have feature in many new build homes, extensions and renovations.”

The choice is yours

There are different kinds of timber patio doors to suit the needs of any home. Traditional French patio doors are a firm favourite in home renovations, creating the perfect finish to any home project. Whether you want to bring more light in or create an easy access to your garden – there are a number of possibilities you can consider when buying your French doors.

Perhaps you would prefer not to worry about doors bumping against walls or furniture. In that case, sliding patio doors that open horizontally let you enjoy the view - without worry.  You can slide the door right back to let the natural light and fresh air into the home, creating seamless living and entertaining space that flows from the inside of the home right out to the garden.

Folding sliding patio doors are rapidly growing and are often viewed as a must-have feature in many new build homes, extensions and renovations. They will transform a room into an inviting space that becomes a gateway to the outside. The doors glide to one side in a concertina pattern, so you essentially gain a removable wall - for the ultimate feeling of freedom.

What to think about...

There are, of course, any number of possibilities when selecting a patio door, however there are one or two points worth keeping in mind.

Doors with large glass panels increase the amount of light that enters your home, as well as affording a greater view of your patio or garden. On the other hand, more traditional, smaller panels give you added privacy.

Size may limit which patio doors will fit your project so measure up first before you choose your style. JELD-WEN offers a wide range of timber patio doors which are complemented by a range of windows and single exterior doors to give you a truly co-ordinated look.

Wood is good 

Timber is not only coveted by those seeking a sleek, high end finish, but also represents the ultimate sustainable material.

Increasing numbers of knowledgeable consumers are choosing timber patio doors over other materials and have specific ideas about the species of tree they require. Oak and natural wood is still very much on-trend and homeowners recognise how selecting such materials can increase a home's value and provide a more distinctive appearance. 

JELD-WEN is committed to good environmental policies and practices and this includes sourcing the timber for our hardwood patio doors from Chain of Custody certified forests that have strict replanting schemes.

Space and Light

Whatever the unique features of your home, patio doors present many options that can introduce natural light and tie together indoor and outdoor space. By 'opening up' one of the walls in your home, you also create a wider field of vision, giving the impression of greater space.

The concertina mechanism on our most popular folding sliding patio door, the Canberra, slides away to the edges of the room, saving living space, whilst this contemporary look is complemented further by the modern hardware available on all JELD-WEN patio products.

On Trend?

There are a tremendous range of patio styles and finishes available on the market to complement the requirements of your home. These range from minimalistic Scandinavia look to chic city apartments to rural country cottages there is a solution for everybody.

Your surroundings may also dictate the type, colour and finish you choose for your Patio doors. In conservation and rural areas, designing your home to be in-keeping with the area can not only improve the look of your home but it can add value to your property as well.

If solid oak patio doors will give you an impressive, high quality look teamed with a quality performance. If working to a tight budget, softwood and oak veneer patio doors will give you an excellent look at a more affordable price.