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Heavyweight doors

Welcome to the ring - the heavyweight champion of internal doors! We explain the many benefits of choosing a heavyweight door for your next project....

Why choose a heavyweight door?


Are you looking to get some peace and quiet in your home? To create spaces where you can zone out of everyday life or find a place to concentrate. If so, a solid heavyweight door is the perfect way to reduce sound transmission from room to room.


A solid or heavy weight door core will deliver the greatest protection against damage and impact, reducing the need for any ongoing maintenance. A solid door also offers a general feeling of sturdiness and quality along with a more secure and satisfying clunk and click on closure.


Nothing best that satisfying feeling and closing a heavyweight door, when combined with a high-quality timber such as white oak it can create a high-end feel.

Fire Protection

Many of our heavyweight products are also available as a fire door meaning that as well as providing a luxurious door you can also choose to keep your family safe with 30-minute fire protection. View all our fire door products.


All our timber feature doors such as our Oregon and Simplicity ranges are made using a solid heavyweight core as standard. Our moulded and flush door types are available with heavyweight options on request.



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