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Six Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Windows

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From the size, shape and style to the glazing and harsware finishes - you can customise every aspect of a new window to add character, comfort and even value to your home.

Off-the-shelf options are fine for standard-size windows,but when you have unusually shaped openings or want to make a statement, tailor-made wooden windows give you the most creative freedom and unrivalled performance. Here are six reasons why:

1. Wooden windows can be any size and shape

When you choose wooden windows, the only limit to their size and shape is your imagination. Triangular windows in an extension allow the light to flood in while also adding some architectural flair to your property. Or there’s circular, semi-circular, arched, pentagonal – the list of shapes goes on. 



Being able to choose the size and shape of your windows also helps from a practical perspective. Shady areas and rooms with unmissable views benefit from large windows, while smaller decorative frames and glazing can conserve the heat in the house's colder corners.

2. A variety of styles to match your design ambitions

As well as personalising a window's size and shape, you can choose the perfect style and functionality to match your home's character.


Vertical sliding sash windows bring to mind period and traditional homes. For an authentic Georgian look, there are sash windows divided into lots of smaller panes. Or, for windows reminiscent of the Victorian era, you can choose sash windows with two-over-two, one-over-one, or other multi-pane configurations. 

Casement windows are another popular style that can be tailor-made to your exact specification. Rather than sliding open, they operate on a side, top or bottom hinge. For the classic Tudor look, there are dark-framed casement windows with diamond or geometric decorative glass. For modern properties, large casement windows without glazing bars are ideal for making the most of the view. 



There are dozens of other possibilities, including bay windows, cottage bar, deco bar, horizontal bar, and more. 

You can also choose from a wide range of hardware finishes to personalise your new windows further. For instance, polished chrome finishes work well in contemporary properties, whereas antique black and gold may be a better fit for period homes.


Check out our full range of timber windows to see which style could be perfect for your property. 

3. Timber windows offer superior performance

Putting double or triple glazing in a poorly insulated plastic or metal frame is a bit like leaving the lid off your thermos. It’ll conserve some heat, but not as much as a properly insulated unit.

Wood has natural thermal insulation properties, making it the perfect material for bespoke windows that look great while keeping your energy bills down. Check out our guide to energy-efficient windows to learn more.

High-quality custom windows also offer reliable mechanical operation over thousands of uses. And if your timber windows ever face issues, they’re easier to repair than plastic or metal frames, making a whole-window replacement less likely. 

All of JELD-WEN’s windows come with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

4.Wooden windows are the sustainable, eco-friendly choice

Wooden windows with high-quality double or triple glazing are an excellent way to use less energy, thereby lowering your carbon emissions and helping the planet. But there’s another eco-friendly aspect to timber windows that is less obvious but no less important – how they’re made. 


According to research by the WWF, it takes around eight times more energy to create a PVCu window than a timber window. In contrast, responsibly sourced wooden windows are naturally renewable, biodegradable, and can actually have a negative GWP (global warming potential). This means that they can reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere over their lifetime.

The WWF summarises the plastic vs timber windows debate by saying that ‘all the evidence suggests that, if you want to make the minimum impact on the environment while improving the performance of your home, you should choose wood windows’.

5. Boost your property’s value

Replacing single glazing with double glazing is a sure-fire way to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. But the added value of new windows goes beyond their energy-saving potential.

In some conservation areas, building regulations may not consider plastic windows a suitable choice. And even if PVC frames are allowed, timber could still be a wiser option.

In an article about home improvement tips, Alex Harvey, of Henry Adams estate agency in Sussex, said that ‘buyers of period homes want wooden window frames. Don't put plastic in, or they'll start discounting the price’. 


While replacing all your windows with double glazing could cost around £5,000, it could add an estimated 10% to the value of your home. That’s not to mention the added ‘kerb appeal’ and perceived value that come from bespoke timber windows’ personalised shapes, hardware, glazing and finishes.

6.Going ‘bespoke’ doesn’t mean going without

Choosing made-to-measure windows doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the standard features and guarantees that come with off-the-shelf options. 

JELD-WEN’s windows come with long-lasting guarantees, including:

  • 40-year guarantee against rot and fungal attack on all softwood windows

  • 30-year guarantee against rot and fungal attack on all oak windows

  • 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects

  • 10-year hardware guarantee

  • 10-year glass guarantee against double or triple glazed unit failure on factory glazed windows

  • 6-to-10 years on paint (depending on the option you choose).

Still curious about the styles and costs of bespoke timber windows?
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