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7 Reasons to Choose Timber Windows For Your Home

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing new windows for your home is deciding what type of material is best. There’s now more choice than ever before – wood, uPVC, aluminium and other metallic options – and you’ll want to make sure you make the perfect decision for your situation.

Timber windows are seeing a resurgence and for a good reason. Wood is an excellent insulator, it’s easy to look after, and can add style effortlessly. 

Here’s seven reasons we think timber is a perfect material for windows. 

Timber windows: naturally beautiful, naturally durable


Perhaps the biggest benefit of high-quality timber windows is the unmatched natural beauty they bring. In fact, many people choose wooden windows on looks alone. Wood does bring a charm that uPVC and aluminium can’t quite match. 

While most uPVC windows have a life expectancy ranging from 15-25 years, windows made from wood can last a lifetime – making them highly durable.

Wood also offers another unique option not possible with uPVC – it can be restained or repainted. This means you can update your home’s aesthetic in years to come without having to replace your windows completely.

Energy efficiency  


Timber is a natural insulating material. It keeps moisture out, retains heat in winter and helps keep the inside of your home cool in summer. Couple these properties with modern double and triple glazing options, and it’s the perfect material to make aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient windows. 

Low maintenance 

High-quality timber and new manufacturing processes have seen a resurgence in wooden windows as issues like rotting, warping and regular maintenance are a thing of the past. 

When properly looked after, timber windows won’t require recoating for at least ten years and, with just a few touch-ups, will last a lifetime (and up to twice as long as uPVC windows). An added bonus of wooden windows is that, if they do ever face issues, they’re much easier to selectively repair than plastic or metal frames. That means you’re less likely to require an expensive whole-window replacement. 

Better for the environment 

More and more people are starting to think about the environmental impact of products and the potential impact they have on our planet. The great news is that research shows that timber is by far the most environmentally friendly material for windows. 

To produce a timber window requires less than one gigajoule of energy – 500% and 200% less than an aluminium and uPVC window, respectively. 

As the WWF puts it:

“If you want to make the minimum impact on the environment while improving the performance of your home, you should choose wood windows.”


We only use premium-quality timber in our windows, meaning we are fully accredited by the FSC, certifying that our timber is sourced from responsible forestries. Another benefit of wood is that when it is time to replace/remove timber windows, they can be recycled, whereas uPVC windows are more likely to go to landfill.  

All of our timber windows are manufactured in the UK. See the full range of styles here.

Perfect for period properties


Local planning authorities often legally require new and replacement windows in period properties and conservation areas to follow strict guidelines. uPVC and metal frames might not be permitted if they don’t faithfully reflect the original style of the building and surrounding area. 

As well as the style of window you choose (e.g. sliding sash, casement, etc.), the frame material also plays a part in planning requirements. Wooden frames are usually looked on most favourably, as they retain the natural aesthetic, charm and authenticity of traditional windows. 

If you’d like some inspiration for the best windows for a period property, check out our guide to traditional cottage-style windows.


Timber windows mean you never have to sacrifice style for safety. All of our wooden windows come with high-quality, robust locking mechanisms (including a PAS24 and Secured by Design security accreditation option). 

Timber is also a durable, hard-wearing material and our windows undergo rigorous security testing to make sure they meet regulations, meaning your windows stay secure for years and you get extra peace of mind. 



Timber windows are a great choice if you’re looking for something with character. We know that everyone has their own tastes which is why all our wooden windows can be produced in any RAL colour. We can even offer dual colouring for a different look on the inside and outside so you can put your stamp on your home and increase the kerb appeal of the property. 

You can read more about choosing the perfect window colour here. 

You also have the freedom to choose from a wide selection of styles, bar designs, shapes, sizes and hardware options. That way, your new windows can perfectly match your design ambitions.

Looking for a timber window quote? You can get a quick, no-obligation quote today using our quote tool.