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How to customise your interior doors

Don’t let your doors blend into the background. Banish door boredom by making them a standout piece of furniture like any other in your home. Create a talking point in your home with the customisable MODA doors from the Curated by JELD-WEN range.

Available in a glazed and non-glazed version the MODA doors comes to you as pictured below, with bars packaged separately.

You can then use the timber bars to create the design of your choice. You can choose the leave it without any bars, add 1, 2, 3 or 4 on each side in any configuration you can think of. Watch our video for some inspiration!

These bars are simple and easy to install at home so you can quickly create whatever design you want! Use just one or all four on each side it is totally up to you but whatever design you choose you’ll be sure to make sure door unique and stand out.

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How do I install my MODA bars?

Other ways to customise

Not only do the MODA doors give you the option to customise your bar design they also come with a primed white finished, which means that you can decorate your doors any colour you like.

Make a dramatic statement with dark grey or black, keep it neutral and on trend with a mid-grey or be bold with pink. The choices are endless and totally up to you! 

You can also paint your interior doors, you can learn how here