Door Weights

The weight of a door can vary for many reasons including range, size and core type. A standard core door is typical across many applications, but it's also light-weight to its honeycomb make up. A heavyweight door in comparison feels substantial in weight and closes with greater effort, whilst offering additional benefits such as reducing noise transmission throughout a property.

Listed below are the approximate weights for all interior and exterior doors across our range. 

Interior Doors - Moulded 

  • Standard - 13kg 
  • Middleweight - 15kg
  • Heavyweight - 28kg
  • FD30 Fire 35mm - 32kg
  • FD30 Fire 44mm - 35kg

Interior Doors - Flush 

  • Standard - 12kg
  • FD30 Fire 35mm - 32kg
  • FD30 Unframed Fire 44mm - 35kg
  • FD30 Framed Fire 44mm - 36kg
  • Tubeboard FD30 Framed Fire 44mm - 33kg

Interior Doors - Timber Feature

  • Standard - 30kg
  • FD30 Fire 44mm - 42kg

Exterior Doors

  • White Oak - 40kg
  • Hemlock Unglazed - 30kg
  • Redwood Unglazed - 30kg
  • Boarded Doors - 27kg
  • Paint Grade Standard - 35kg
  • Paint Grade FD30 Fire 44mm - 32kg
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