CE Marking Questions & Answers

What needs to be CE Marked from 1 July 2013?

JELD-WEN glazed windows and external doorsets have been CE marked as directed under European law. CE marking is not required for internal doorsets or staircases at this time.

What is the purpose of CE Marking?

It is the "passport" for products allowing them to be sold legally across the whole of the European Single Market. It is European Law, standing above UK legislation. It also provides tighter control of products and their claimed performance, ensuring products do what they should and completed buildings meet their claimed performance. 

What has JELD-WEN done to implement CE Marking?

JELD-WEN has implemented CE Marking across Europe by:

  • Placing the CE mark as a label on each product or packaging
  • Providing a declaration of performance (DoP) for each product available to download from the website in our resource centre

JELD-WEN UK has the necessary factory production control systems set up to support the changes through its comprehensive, independently assessed ISO quality standards. 

Does a window that is glazed on site need to be CE Marked?

Yes, windows are always glazed and once glazed they require CE Marking. While it is technically possible to buy an unglazed window and separately buy a glass unit, when put together they then require to be CE marked.

JELD-WEN recommends that customers buy fully glazed windows to ensure compliance.

Does CE Marking guarantee compliance with Building Regulations?

No, they are completely separate. CE Marking tells a customer the performance level that a product achieves. It is then up to the customer to check that it complies with the local Building Regulations.

Does a flat entrance door need to be CE Marked?

No, normally a flat entrance door is an internal product. The definition of an external product is one exposed to weather. The only circumstances where a flat entrance door would need to be CE Marked would be where it opens onto a weather exposed balcony or entrance to a building, in which case it would be an exterior door.

What is a Declaration of Performance (DoP)?

This is the legal document that declares that the product it refers to complies with the Construction Products Regulations with its performance described in the relevant document. It has to be signed by the Chief Executive of the manufacturing company and must be available for customers.

JELD-WEN DoPs are available to download on the website in the resource centre.  To find these go to CE Marking or to the resource centre and search for the relevant number.

What is on a DoP?

A DoP contains lots of information about the product, where it was made, who tested it and to which standards. The law requires, as a minimum, that the manufacturer declares the U value, the performance of safety devices i.e a restrictor (if fitted) and any hazardous substances  in the product. In every case there are no hazardous substances in any JELD-WEN products.

Is the performance stated on the DoPs the best the products can achieve?

No, the DoP gives the base minimum performance of the product. View technical details for each product on the website for further information.


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