Installing a patio doorset can cause a number of issues if not done correctly and many installers are falling prey to the same mistakes time and time again. In our step-by-step guide to installing a patio doorset learn how to avoid these pitfalls and have a successful installation.

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It may sound silly but always check the opening dimensions and the size of the patio doorset first to ensure you have the right product for the opening - mis-measuring is quite a common error.


Before you start the installation, check that the patio is fully finished. If unfinished the doorset must be decorated immediately after delivery and prior to installation. You can find further finishing guidance here

Checking the opening is square

It sounds simple, but begin by making sure you fix the head sub assembly flush with the jamb, and that the frame is also square and plumb. Check the frame is square by measuring across diagonals, horizontal and vertical dimensions and ensure the jamb and head are secured correctly. Keep checking the frame with a spirit level and ensure that the pre-drilled holes in the head assembly match up with corresponding pilot holes at the top of the jamb.


When you’re happy that the frame is square, pre drill a 4 mm diameter hole through the head track using a drill-bit at least 100 mm to ensure fixing screws penetrate the lintel. We also advise adding a bead of silicone to each fixing before insertion to prevent water reaching the head of the doorset and make sure you use an appropriate fixing type for the lintel material.

If the frame, jamb and head sections are all flush this will ensure that the doorset sits correctly in the brickwork and the hardware operates correctly – keeping the doorset functional and secure for your customer.

Fitting your hardware

When adding hardware to the doors, remember to pre drill pilot holes into the timber. Drilling screws directly into the door can result in the timber splitting or the fixing not holding correctly, which could be costly. Check the installation instructions twice before fixing the hardware, as we’re finding installers are often fitting handles the wrong way round as well as carrier hinges etc in the wrong place, which will cause you issues as you try to hang the doors.

Check the way the doors hang

If you’re installing a folding patio, be mindful when hanging the doors. Clearly, if the doors are installed the wrong way round the patio system will not function properly, so make sure you are aware which doors open left and which open right.


Finally, once you are satisfied the doors are fitted in the correct order, it’s crucial that you test that the doors open and close smoothly without clashing to ensure the longevity of the product. If the doors clash against each other or catch on the head or the sill, adjust the height and width accordingly.

Be mindful that without FENSA registration (or other similar scheme) or prior building control approval, you shouldn’t be installing a patio door, as this is a requirement of building regulations. For personal safety get someone to help you with this, never attempt to hang a doorset by yourself.