Patio Doors Buying Guide

As with every aspect of a self-build or refurbishment project, keeping within budget and meeting Building Regulations are just some of the things to consider when choosing the right patio doors. To help you make the right choice we have highlighted the main points you need to consider.


Even if space is restricted, don't rule out patio doors completely. There are numerous styles to suit projects of all shapes and sizes and they can be made to measure to fit even the most awkward of openings.

Remember to select a design that complements the property, perhaps with bar detailing or a bold paint finish to reflect your personality. If you’re working on a large project, one of the biggest challenges can be keeping the windows and doors consistent throughout the property.


How patio doors operate needs to be considered before you buy.

A sliding mechanism might be most practical in a small area, or alternatively for larger openings a full folding sliding patio doorset can really open up your home.

Folding sliding patio doorsets are great for larger openings, offering a contemporary and stylish alternative to traditional patio doors, creating a seamless inside/outside entertainment space. They can be made so that all of the leaves fold back together, or a single opening can be added for easy day-to-day access. JELD-WEN folding sliding doors are hung from the top to ensure operation is effortless and eliminate problems that can occur from a build-up of dirt in a bottom track. 

Elegant French doors are a good replacement for a window, especially if you wish to introduce more light or provide easy access to the garden.

Before placing an order, think about which way your patio doors should open to ensure the right fit for your property.


Patio doors are available in a range of materials, so it is important to decide which you prefer.

Many homeowners aspire to real wood joinery and more are now choosing timber patio doors than ever before. We offer one of the largest ranges of wooden patio doors in the UK, boasting softwood, harwood and oak designs.

The Canberra patio doorset range is constructed from the highest quality solid oak. French doors and folding sliding options of up to eight leaves are available on a made to order basis. Again, these patio doors are available in French and folding sliding styles to suit all property types.

The Darwin is our new hardwood patio doorset which offers fantastic performance and a smooth colour finish. Available in both folding sliding and French door styles, the Darwin offers a variety of standard sizes, with made to measure sizes also available on the folding sliding option.

Learn more about oak veneers and solid wood options.

Fully finished or wood effect?

Decide if you want a painted or a natural timber finish on your patio doors, as this can affect the options available to you.

If your home already features natural timber woodwork or floorings, the best choice of doors will be our Canberra

However, if you are looking to coordinate patio doors with white or coloured windows, then a fully finished doorset, like the Darwin range, could be the perfect choice. 


Make sure your patio doors are secured with a multi-point locking system, shoot bolts and drop bolts for that added peace of mind.

Finishing your patio doors

We offer a range of colour choices for your fully finished patio doors that ensure low maintenance and a long lasting superior appearance.

Guarantees on our Hi-Build stains vary depending on colour choice, with a maximum lifespan of two years for our golden oak. Hi-Build paint finishes have a ten year guarantee, to keep maintenance to a minimum. 

See our advice on finishing your products.

View our full range of patio doors.

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