Internal Doorsets

Don't worry, there's nothing too technical about internal doorsets. They are simply a complete set of components sold as one unit, to make fitting new doors quicker and easier.

Saving time and money

The principle behind the doorset is always the same, no matter which range you choose. You receive a JELD-WEN door pre-hung in a frame, with all the bits and pieces that make it quick and easy to install.

We provide a range of internal doorsets in a wide variety of designs, finishes and glazing options. Our Readyfit doorsets are designed specifically for internal residential use and is available as a single doorset or doorset pairs for wider openings. Whereas our Securefit doorsets are designed for flat and apartment entrances.  Fire resistant and extra security options are also available for added peace of mind.   

A quality, precision finish

Because our doorsets are put together by state of the art machinery, you achieve a cleaner, sharper finish with uniform lock and hinge positions and none of the detectible chisel marks that are often the sign of a door hung by hand.

Arriving on site as a finished unit also means fitting a doorset is quick and neat, as only a small amount of adjustment or alignment will be required. This, in turn, reduces labour costs and the chances that the door will be damaged during installation.

As JELD-WEN doorsets are supplied complete, we can provide you with a much more accurate estimate of costs than you would receive if you were to buy all of the components separately and we will, of course, take full responsibility for the quality and operation of our system.

Fire protection

Our standard interior doorsets have MDF or timber linings. Fire resistant doorsets are also available that comprise an appropriate fire door, along with intumescent strips fitted to the sides and top of the frame to provide 30 minutes fire protection.

To find out more view our internal doorsets brochure or contact your nearest JELD-WEN retailer.

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