EASY FIT Interior Door Kit

Fit your door in minutes - no joiner needed! 

The new EASY FIT door kit is so simple anyone can fit one in minutes without being an expert or the need of a joiner and it is suitable for most standard sized door openings. 

  • Available in a range of designs to choose from
  • Avoid the expense of hiring a joiner
  • No chiselling or planing 
  • Pre-painted white ready to use 
  • Door can be hung left or right so you can choose which way it opens
  • Easy lift off hinges to swap or remove doors easily 
  • Includes door and frame kit, hinges, pre-machined latch and latch plate - all you need to buy are the handles. 

Fitting is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Measure the opening – measure your current frame horizontally and vertically, to ensure you pick the right kit for your opening size.
  2. Install the frame strips – fit the hinges and the latch plate supplied to the pre-machined frame strips, then secure into the opening using packers for adjustment where required.
  3. Hang the door – hang your new door onto the reversible lift off hinges and finish by fitting your latch and chosen handles.

Visit your local B&Q or click here to visit the B&Q website and buy today.